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Commissioned Portraits

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"Pictures are hanging in prominent places in our home. My wife loved both pictures. They clearly, in both of our opinion. are first rate work by a wonderful artist. 
I am fortunate to have asked you to do them."


Commissioning a Portrait

Commissioning a portrait is usually found to be an enjoyable process by all. The sitting process involves getting together and my creating reference images, which may include sketches and usually photos (this is almost always the case with portraits of children). Then oil studies will be done and sent to the client within a few weeks, giving the idea for the composition for the painting. After approval of this sketch by the client, work begins on the final painting. This usually will be completed within three to six months of the initial sitting. Payment is 1/3rd at the initial sitting,  1/3rd at the O.K. of the compositional sketch, and 1/3rd at completion of the portrait.

Your input into the process is welcome. I have never had a commission where those closest to the subjects of the painting did not have valuable suggestions about the portrait. I want you to feel as this is a collaborative effort, and your happiness with the final work as our shared goal. For a idea of the range of prices, past commissions have ranged from $1200 for a small single figure painting, to $25,000 for a large group portrait.  For more information, please contact me at 401 783 5861 or  by email


Portrait Paintings

Painting Award Winner

"The portrait unveiling could not have gone better. Huge hit!"

" Thank you for our portrait--we love it, it truly captures the essence of our family, and we will all enjoy it for many years to come."